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Volunteer Tamil Nadu, India  (M/F)

Stichting Befriend ( is seeking a full-time volunteer for its partner organization Empowerment Foundation. Empowerment Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in the vicinity of Pondicherry, in the South of India. In 2005, Empowerment Foundation has established “Soorya Udayam Illam”, The House of the Rising Sun” in cooperation with the Befriend Foundation ( Soorya Udayam Illam is a shelter home providing relief for some 50-60 children between the ages of 4-16 years old. Additionally, in 2008, the Empowerment School was started. The school provides schooling for drop-out children and children with learning disorders. The aim of the school is to mainstream the children into the formal government schooling system. Soorya Udayam Illam and Empowerment School are eco-friendly, partly self-supporting organizations. Please contact via 

Under supervision and guidance of the Director, the volunteer will:
v      assist with daily routine in residence & school incl. homework
v      assist and advice on internal organization of the house: daily schedule, personal hygiene education, facility services
v      prepare and teach one two-hour English as second language classes (ESL) per day, Monday-Friday during tutoring hours

Preference will be given to volunteers who have:
v      Ability to travel to India for a period of minimally 8 weeks   
v      Fluency in English
v      Experience teaching English as a second language (ESL)
v      Minimum of 5 years of work experience in relevant areas in education, healthcare or private enterprise
v      Previous working/volunteering experience in orphanages/shelters
v      Clear affinity to be working with underprivileged children
v      Sense of humor, good team-player, flexible, ability to work independently, setting objectives and taking a proactive lead towards completion                      

Please contact                                                                            

or for more information Judith van Elten tel: 06 10 759 385