The Befriend Foundation was founded with the aim to support small-scale projects for the benefit of people in deprived and vulnerable situations. Befriend is the partner organisation of the Empowerment Foundation: the local implementing organisation for the shelter and schooling project Soorya Udayam Illam in Pondicherry, South India. The main purpose at this moment is fundraising. Helmi van den Berg, coordinator and founder of Befriend, has been involved from the start with the realisation of Soorya Udayam Illam. Befriend also helps other projects in finding and raising funds. The Befriend Foundation only works with volunteers, and therefore has very few overheads.
We aim to be as transparent and efficient as possible.
The Befriend Foundation has a Verklaring van Geen Bezwaar (Declaration of No Objections) granted by the CBF (Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving: central bureau for fundraising). Please click here for more information.
The Befriend Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under no.: 3452338


Marike Brekelmans (President)
Ronald Boonstra (secretary)
Nel Bax (Treasurer)
Peggy van Holst Pellekaan (school campaigns)
Helmi van den Berg (coordinator)


The Befriend Foundation and its projects are warmly recommended by Prof. Dr. C.M. Karssen, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wageningen, knighted in the order of the Dutch Lion (Nederlandse Leeuw).


The audited annual report is available for those interested. We only spend a minimum of our funds (5% at most) on administration costs.


Helmi van den Berg
Waalstraat 79hs
1079 DR Amsterdam

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