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Effective help with a minimum of resources

The Empowerment Foundation is a small Indian organization which stands out for its contemporary work on sustainable development. It specifically focuses on giving power to women and children through educational programmes, relief aid, self-help groups and micro-credits.

Through its extensive social-environmental experience, the Empowerment Foundation is better qualified than any other organization to determine which children are most likely to benefit from the kind of help and support Soorya Udyam Illam can offer.

The aim of the Befriend Foundation is to offer support to people, of limited or no means, who have no real opportunities and who are in extremely vulnerable circumstances. The foundation only works with volunteers and therefore incurs minimal costs. A report of subsidy allocation and donations can at any time be requested.

Helmi van den Berg, founder and co-ordinator of the Befriend Foundation, has been involved from the beginning in the construction of the Soorya Udayam house as a project leader. As a volunteer she has been in India several times on working visits.


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